Simone Beneventi: percussion

Flavio Virzì: electric Guitar

Creazione: Festival Milano Musica e Festival Aperto di Reggio Emilia 2014

“Sincronie spettrali” (Spectral Synchronies) contains in a single “science-fiction” expression the microscopic dimensions of rhythm and timbre: infinitesimal particles of time and infinitesimal spectral constitution of the sound. The latest generation of Italian composers have directed their research along these lines. On the basis of inspiration drawn from the French masters called “spectralists”, Italian composers have sought and found original paths and integrated branching expressive styles and powerful evocations. As the micro of phenomena is aesthetically projected to the macro of human listening, it is as if we witness both the thing and its intimate constitution – as if, looking at a painting, we see at the same time the molecules of the pigments. A dual level of perception, inextricably bound in a conglomerate of space-time-matter. The “gulfs” and the “enclosed gardens”, the “trances” and the “surfaces”, the “prime numbers” and the “shadows”, which variously allude to the titles of the pieces, indicate that abstraction and concreteness are reciprocated, that the range of evocations is almost infinite, and that – a possible paradox – precisely in its highest sophistication, the magic and appeal of this compelling music are sparked. At times solo, at times as a duo, Beneventi and Virzì both have extensive experience with the most significant scores of today’s music: instrumental excellence, communicative force, the ability to vivify the written dictation, and a strong propensity to exploit the installation-theatrical aspects more or less implicit in the compositions, in these musicians all represent a single thing.