Simone Beneventi, Carlota Caceres, Lorenzo Colombo

Sound containers in urban space
(2 days, 25 artists involved, 145 micro-concerts, 15’ each.)


For the Opening of Milano Musica Festival 2018, six containers were transformed into “musical boxes” and placed in different areas of the city, hosting for two days 145 free micro-concerts 15 minutes long, for an audience of ten people at a time. The decontextualization of performative spaces becomes an opportunity for several original and site specific shows. The 25 artists involved, active in different fields but sharing the spirit of research and creation, offered some of the most interesting acoustic and electro-acoustic proposals from the multiform world of today’s percussion music. Inspired by the homonymous project by Ictus Ensemble (Bruxelles), Zaum_percussion has given rise to a project of social impact in the urban peripheries, involving both local and young artists, creating a privileged experience for a new and unusual public.




ZAUM_percussion + GUESTS

George Aperghis, Triangle Carrè (1989, 20’) percussion trio and string quartet

Vinko Globokar, Tribadabum extensif sur rythme fantôme, (1986, 25’) for three or unlimited number of percussionists