Andrea Rebaudengo: piano

Simone Beneventi: percussion


Created: Adm Festival (MO) 2012

Piano and percussion can be seen as parts of a single instrument, a sort of infernal machine that brings forth sounds from every surface and with all sorts of methods: striking leather, strings, wood, plastic, keys made of metal and ebony, rubbing bows. In the end,coming into contact with the percussion, the piano undertakes a cheerful and unexpected “homecoming”, dialogues happily with its peers and from this derives the true lyricism of striking the strings, in the same way as the percussion instruments enjoy becoming almost “lyrical”. This is the case of the piece by Birtwistle, a fortunate example of empathy between two instruments.
Indeed, and such is the case of the Pièces Fébriles by Aperghis, theatre comes into play:the instruments seem to follow a dramaturgy of silences and sudden bursts, and to dialogue so tightly that they become confused. With Arvo Pärt, the vibraphone becomes violin and the sound colour is extremely seductive. And then there is the dimension of play,the dizzying rhythmic challenge: this is Nancarrow, with his highly amusing mechanicism.